Why Are People Attracted to Free Giveaways?

Why Are People Attracted to Free Giveaways?

A recent book, ‘Predictably Irrational’, argues that the word free is not just an indicator of price, but also an emotional trigger that can lead us to buy completely useless items, from too-tight pants to a pair of over-priced tennis shoes. This phenomenon is known as the Zero Price Effect. In this article, we will explore this powerful emotional trigger and explain why people are drawn to free giveaways.

Emotion is a powerful emotional trigger

Your message should evoke an emotional response more so than the content. Humans are prone to status anxiety and a brand’s message should evoke feelings of competition and glory. It should appeal to a desire for status and be akin to royal treatment. Emotional responses influence customer behavior more than content and can be used to enhance customer service. Humans are competitive by nature, and your brand should treat its customers like royalty.

Reciprocity is an instinct in free giveaways

Why do people respond to freebies? Reciprocity is an instinct that motivates us to give and get favors. It is our social nature to feel obligated to do the same. Robert Cialdini popularized the concept in his influential book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. It has been proven that people make purchases in return for free chocolate or free stuff.

Try for free before you buy is an instinct in free giveaways

You’ve probably heard the phrase “try for free before you buy.” The booming radio or TV ad announces the opportunity to win something, usually something of value. This is the simplest way to win a prize, but how can you be sure that the freebie will be useful? The trick is to think of what your clients will be most likely to buy or refer to others.

Free is a powerful emotional trigger

One of the greatest psychological tricks a marketer can use to attract customers is to offer something for free. A psychological phenomenon known as the “zero price effect” makes us feel a higher value when an item is given away for free. The reason for this is simple: we tend to be overly sensitive to price. And the more that something is given away for free, the more we want it. In fact, if you see a free Lindt truffle on a website, you will most likely be tempted to click on the link.

Freebies foster brand loyalty and awareness

When people are given freebies, they are more likely to keep them than those who don’t. A free mug, tablet case, or other product can make a great giveaway, and it can increase brand awareness and loyalty. Promotional items can range from binders to pens, to mugs to stickers. They can be given away at a local festival or at a corporate event. Personalized items can be an added bonus and boost brand loyalty.