How important is First Aid in the Workplace?

How important is First Aid in the Workplace?

How important is First Aid in the Workplace

The importance of First Aid in the workplace cannot be overstated. Not only is it good for employee health, but it is also a key factor in maintaining productivity. According to Oxford Economics, wages account for 60 per cent of gross employee revenue, with the remaining 40 per cent representing extra income for the company. Therefore, employee absence is more costly to a company than many managers realize. Thus, a robust first aid plan is a great way to mitigate the risk of medical issues and enable employees to return to work sooner. And in this way, keeping your staff safe and compliant is a good thing for the bottom line.



First aid training is vital for many reasons. It can prevent workplace accidents and illnesses, and can save a life. It can also reduce the disruption of a company by reducing patient recovery time. It also benefits employees’ lives outside of work. Training in first aid can help a friend or family member survive cardiac arrest. People living with cardiac arrest should also be trained in first aid. These benefits are obvious, and workplace first aid training is a vital benefit for every company.


There are many reasons why first aid training in the workplace is important. Employee morale can be damaged if they experience an accident. An employee who has experienced an accident will not stick around for long. It is expensive for an employer to replace employees who leave because of an injury. First aid training is a great way to boost employee morale. It is more than a morale Band-Aid. Getting employees trained in first aid will ensure that employees are safe and effective on the job, hier klicken.


Performing first aid can save a life or significantly reduce the severity of an injury. It is an important part of every job description, especially in the workplace, and should be performed by any individual whose duties require it. Using simple tools and techniques, a trained first-aider can safely treat a variety of injuries and illnesses. Although first aid is not a substitute for medical treatment, it can be a valuable resource in an emergency. It teaches individuals to recognize the signs of an injury or illness and administer first aid, as well as knowledge of how to seek medical help when needed.

Reduction in severity of a medical emergency

Having first aid training at work is a critical safety measure. The UK Health and Safety Executive estimates that nearly one million workers suffer from a medical emergency each year. This number includes 147 fatalities. First aid is especially important in factories because workers are exposed to multiple risks and can sustain injuries from a variety of sources. In addition to physical hazards, factory workers are often exposed to chemical and biological agents and to extreme temperature changes. The amount of first aid officers and training required will depend on the type of workplace.


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