What You Need to Know About Billiards as a Beginner!

What You Need to Know About Billiards as a Beginner!

What You Need to Know About Billiards as a Beginner!

Billiards has been around for centuries and is one of the oldest games in existence.  It’s a game that people can play indoors or outdoors, usually on a table with six pockets. The objective is to use balls (usually two) and a cue stick to knock as many balls into those pockets as possible. Along the way, you’ll need to avoid knocking any other ball into the pocket or off the table, which would end your turn.  Billiards can be played by two players against each other (called “solo”), or by teams of up to four players each who take turns shooting at the same set of object balls from their respective ends of a rectangular-shaped table called a billiard table.

How to Hold a Billiard Stick?

How to Hold a Billiard Stick

To hold the billiard stick, you should place your thumb on top of the shaft with your fingers curled around the bottom end. You should also be able to feel the balls behind your hand and use your forefinger as an indicator of where you’ll hit next. To break, position the cue at a right angle to the rail so that it’s perpendicular to both it and the table, tap one side of the cue on the ground, then bring it up sharply so that you hit directly in front of where you want to break.

How to Aim a Billiard Stick?

Since billiards is played on a table, it’s important that you learn how to properly aim your shot. Place your cue perpendicularly against the rail then lean into the pool stick until you feel the balls behind your hand and forefinger touch the far wall of the table. Then use your forearm to move the stick parallel with the table and predict where you’ll hit next.

Technique to Hold a Cue Ball

Cue balls should be held on your side of the vertical line that separates your side of the pool table from your opponent’s. Your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger should be placed on top of the cue ball, with your ring finger wrapped around the backside of it. Remember to line up where you’re trying to hit next on the cue ball; it can be helpful to think of this as lining up an arrow, which starts at your upper hand and ends at where you’re aiming at the table.

Way to Hold a Bridge Stick

There are two main ways to hold a bridge stick: the pencil grip and the cigar grip. The pencil grip has your thumb and index finger on top of the stick, while your remaining three fingers support it at the bottom end. The cigar grip is similar, but instead of putting pressure on the end you’re gripping, your three fingers are placed on top of the stick. A high bridge is preferred when breaking because it allows you to view what you’re shooting at easier and increases your reach over the table.

Tips for Playing Well

Practice makes perfect. Whenever someone asks how to play pool, the first thing they’re told is practice, it’s literally impossible to be good at something without putting in time and effort. If you want to increase your chances of winning by increasing both accuracy and speed, smooth movement is key, don’t hunch over or wiggle around, both of which make it more difficult to aim your stick.


Billiard stick grips are just one part of playing well in this game, but they’re an important one. Practice aiming and you’ll be sure to improve in no time! If you want to find out more information about Billiards for Beginners, you’ve to check out the post right here premierbilliards.com/ website.