What Is Special About Koi?

What Is Special About Koi?

What Is Special About Koi

Koi are fish that are bred to produce offspring with different colored scales. This causes the koi to look very much like certain real-life objects, such as dragons or tigers. Koi fish were first discovered in Japan, where they were referred to as “water dragons” due to their appearance.

What Makes Koi So Special?

One of the most widespread and popular hobbies in modern times is keeping koi fish. Koi is often used to describe any type of goldfish, but it specifically refers to aquaculture breeding grounds such as ponds or swimming pools.

In Japan, some of the most premier koi farm are found in places such as Shizuoka Prefecture and are named after famous individuals from Japanese history.

Which Koi Fish Is Most Popular?

Which Koi Fish Is Most Popular

There are a number of different kinds of koi varieties that may be kept as pets. These are differentiated based on their color. Common koi varieties include red, black, blue, and white fish. Here is a list of the most popular and even rarer koi fish for sale:

1. Tailless Koi Fish

The white koi is also referred to as the albino koi. Male koi will cast a shadow on the bottom of their eyes. Females do not cast shadows, because they have no visible internal organs normally called pectoral fins (for look closer you can see them at night).

The carp end is also another indication that you can clearly see the yellow spots, which are said to be a sign of high quality.

2. Albino Koi

Albino Koi

As known as “Piebald” because their color is usually different shades between white and off-white with splashes of lighter gray sometimes mixed in. They have a bright white coloration oftentimes referred to as “orchid” because of their light, delicate skin and look similar to an orchid.

3. Color-Changing Koi

Commonly referred to as “Chameleons” or if their color changes often they are referred to as “Shape shifters”. Koi fish will turn many different colors during the year & believe it’s because of weather conditions.

This is how he turns into one color while living in a fish pond and then changes into another colored costume when he is placed into a home or farm pond. Koi will begin to change color after they reach breeding age around one year old, depending on the strain of koi fish.

4. Ornery Koi

Often referred to as “argumentative” and usually become aggressive if they fall into World Records. This occurs when males combat become dominant in the koi pond by beating out other fish by breeding more females/ Males will start an argument with males from another pond, which usually causes the fight to get into a life-threatening situation when they are in big numbers.

5. Purdy Koi

Purdy Koi

A.K.A being “rebellious” due to their aggressive, combative behavior towards other males by demonstrating behaviors likes almost fighting with them while others around them watch for entertainment.

Those types of natural traits make them unique and rare. Koi fish is a prized animal because of its color, behavior, and very attractive appearance.


Among all the other Koi fish types, they are regarded for their uniqueness due to the nature of the species. The cause of confusion was caused because they have different appearances, behavior, and way of being so unique each type has first-class characteristics which make them classified as a “Super Fish”. Thanks for reading this article, hope you learned it well.