3D Desktops – Learn How To Make Your Desktop 3D

3D Desktops – Learn How To Make Your Desktop 3D

3D Desktops – Learn How To Make Your Desktop 3D

What is 3D technology?

With the rise in technology and innovation, nowadays 3D technology has been incorporated in almost all spheres of computerization. There are 3D video games and movies to make the experience exciting and thrilling for the people. In order to achieve a 3D effect, one has to use three dimensional graphic data to create depth and three-dimensional feel to the characters and graphics.

3D stands for three-dimension. This means that by looking at the graphics in 3D, one will see all the objects on three axis Cartesian coordinate system rather than the only horizontal X and vertical Y axis. There will be an added third Z axe. This added axe represents the depth of the picture. By looking at anything in 3D the viewer will feel the objects appear as though in real life with the depth too.The technology was first applied to video games in 1990s.

3D technology conveys depth perception to the viewer by empowering techniques such as stereoscopic display, multi-view demonstration, 2D plus-depth and any other kind of 3D display. Most of the television and desktops use polarized 3D system or use an active 3D shutter system, and if not the two, it requires 3D glasses.

In the past, this technology was only limited to cinemas, but in today’s time one can use the technology at their homes as well. Many companies today are making television sets and laptops that offer this kind of 3D technology to the audiences. One can watch their favorite movies and sports event in 3D to have the best experience. One can play 3D video games and make the experience of it thrilling and realistic.

There are wide options available from which the audiences can choose from. There are 3D phone models, 3D video cameras, 3D printers and 3D desktops and laptops that support 3D content.

What is a 3D desktop

What is a 3D desktop?

3D desktop, much like 3D television is a program that switched the virtual desktops in a seamless three-dimensional manner. It has software inbuilt that set the 3D model as desktop wallpaper. This allows one to set the visual angle, size and graphic animation of the 3D model. This desktop aims to provide a seamless 3D environment so that the audiences can enjoy the 3D technology to the fullest.

How to make your desktop 3D?

When talking about 3D desktop, it isn’t about software or graphics car. One can’t just download a 3D video player. To get 3D effect, a different picture has to be delivered to a viewer’s left and right eye. There are a few ways on how one can use different methods to make the desktop seem 3D.

Active shutter 3D

These displays use extra frames to display the left image and the right image. The active shutter glass contains a plain black LCD display over each eye. With the right timing signal, the left or right side of the glasses will black out the image where one eye will see nothing and the other eye will see the right frame. This change will take place hundreds of time a second. This is how the 3D image can be perceived.

Passive Polarized 3D

Passive Polarized 3D

This method splits the display into lines. These lines are interlaced with the left and right image together. They display a line from each image alternatively, at the same time. The glasses used in this method are very lightweight and don’t even require a battery.

Use Lenticular 3D

This method uses angled light pipes which enable the picture to be viewed from one direction. This method doesn’t require 3D glasses at all, you need to visit http://telegraf.com.ua/tehnologii/122270-kak-sdelat-trehmernyim-rabochiy-stol-windows.html.