Tips for Choosing the Best Crushers

Tips for Choosing the Best Crushers

Tips for Choosing the Best Crushers

When buying a crusher, you need to consider several factors. For instance, if the primary use is to break rock, then you should consider the size capacity and throughput of the device. Next, you need to consider its price. You should also choose a reliable brand and go for a machine with a good reputation. In the end, you will find the right crusher for your needs. But how do you choose the right crusher for you? Here are some tips to guide you:

Size capacity

Size capacity

The size capacity of crushers depends on the throughput they can handle. Rose and English, for example, calculated how many tons of ore a crusher can handle and then multiplied that number by the SC. This method produces a value of 2.6 SG, whereas other calculation methods give higher or lower numbers. Although Rose and English’s calculation is widely accepted, it is not the only method used to determine crusher capacity.


In order to improve the throughput of crusher liners, it is necessary to know how to feed materials into them. In some cases, feed is not consistent and this may result in oversized product or lower production. This may also result in problems with the circuit flow. The feed must be consistent for consistent product size and production. It is important to understand how to feed material to the crusher and how to monitor it. Here are some tips for ensuring consistent feed:


Crushers are expensive. The upfront cost may be low, but operating costs may be higher over time because of wear and tear and energy costs. This means higher capital expenditures if you decide to upgrade to a better machine. It is important to look at the total cost of ownership, which includes purchase price and operating cost. Manufacturers can provide you with this information. These costs are usually expressed in terms of cost per unit of measure production.

Reputable brands

When choosing a crusher, it is important to consider the number of end products. Consider how many different sized products you will produce per pass. The number of screens on the crusher will determine how many different sized products it can handle in a single pass. To ensure a high-quality crusher, it is important to choose a reputed brand. Also, consider your business plan, which should include short and long-term growth initiatives.

Feed equipment

When choosing the right crusher for your material, there are a few things you should consider. First, the feed opening will determine how much material will be crushed. Typically, you should select a crusher with an open feed opening that will accommodate the largest pieces of material. Also, make sure you consider the market that the crusher will be used for. Concrete stone and asphalt stone have very different feed requirements. By looking at the outside plants that surround the facility, you should be able to determine the size of the material you plan to crush.

Size reduction ratio

The size reduction ratio of crushers is a measure of how much material is crushed. The higher the CSS, the higher the proportion of oversized material that must be re-crushed in the subsequent stages. The higher the CSS, the greater the fines produced by the crushing process. The further the crusher is pushed through the process, the greater the fines produced. In general, a fines production ratio of greater than 1 indicates that the crusher is not working as efficiently as it should.