The Complete Guide to Private Placement Programs, Scams & How to Avoid Them

The Complete Guide to Private Placement Programs, Scams & How to Avoid Them

The Complete Guide to Private Placement Programs, Scams & How to Avoid Them

Private placement programs or PPPs are a type of marketing campaign where a business pays a small amount of money to a particular company to target certain individuals and persuade them to buy their products.

The goal of such PPP is to generate leads, which will in turn result in sales. With PPPs, the company will be able to achieve its goal faster than if they hired an agency or got involved in direct marketing. It is doable that the company will be able to achieve these goals with smaller and more affordable price than what might happen if it hired an agency and spent many thousands of dollars on PPPs. We should not think of this as a replacement for traditional direct marketing or SEO strategies. This method can only help companies who leads fast, but it need won’t help.

What are Private Placement Programs?

What are Private Placement Programs

Private placement programs are a way of offering temporary work to people who want to start a career. Placement programs take people who would otherwise not qualify for full-time employment and give them a chance to start their career in the field.

Why are They So Popular and is it really a Scam?

Private placement programs are a type of sales funnel where the salesperson gets paid to promote products or services. This type of “recruitment” is typically targeted towards college students or young professionals, who may be more likely to be interested in products that are either directly related to their studies or jobs. The private placement program scam typically involves sending fake emails purporting to be from a business partner, asking the prospect to follow certain instructions and pay for something specific on the promise of getting “a deal”. The prospect is then told they need to send money via wire transfer before they can get access to the product(s) listed in the email. As with all online scams, it’s important for consumers not to fall for these offers.

How do you avoid Private Placement Program Scams?

How do you avoid Private Placement Program Scams

Private placement program is a popular tool to help startups and small businesses generate more leads and customers. It involves offering access to a certain group of people (a private group) who can only view the content that you create. This way, you effectively “sell” your content to those interested in your product/service. However, this strategy has its fair share of cons as well. For one thing, if you lose track of such a person or he/she breaks into your website or otherwise leaves your company then it’s no fun anymore and something similar to the “Apple Store” issue: for someone who buys something from Apple Store but doesn’t know what they got there (because it wasn’t advertised), it’s no fun either!


Private placement programs (PPPs) offer the possibility for companies to recruit people who they think will be good at generating income using their sponsored product or service. You may have heard of these programs in case you are an accountant, an expert in any field, or regularly used professional services.