The Best Methods to Train Your Dog

The Best Methods to Train Your Dog

The Best Methods to Train Your Dog

A dog is often seen as man’s best friend. Any pet owner would want their dog to behave at their best. But when your dog starts chewing on the morning paper or gnawing at your leather shoes, you should start taking action immediately. What are some ways you can train your dog? Even if you’re not an expert trainer, you can still apply these methods with your pet:

Train Your Dog

Patience is a virtue. Yup, the old cliché is true when it comes to training your pet dog. Be it training your pet not to gnaw at your shoes or not peeing on the couch, patience is the key. If you take on training your pet while you’re in a bad mood or you’re too tired and exhausted from work, you may end up delaying training your pet for several months. Your pet won’t respond well to bad temper, and so you will you as training is the least bit easy. To get more information concerning dog train: click here.

Never hit your dog or use physical force just to make your pet dog obey you – it won’t. You’ll indirectly teach your pet how to fight back and he/she won’t obey any future training you will do. The best way to make a dog follow is through patience and by keeping a calm yet authoritative voice. Don’t forget to play with your dog – it’s a great way to boost your dog’s self confidence.

Be prepared for some slips. If you are potty training your pet dog, be prepared for some slips every now and then, especially during the first few days. This is normal and you should not be disheartened. Just keep your consistency and don’t give up on your pet. In a few more days or week’s time, you will be pleasantly surprised by the progress your pet dog is showing.

Reward your pet. Every time your dog poops where you want him to or does things the way you want them done, don’t forget to give them a nice tasty treat. Words of praise accompanied with petting like he/she is the best pet dog in the whole wide world also do a big difference. Your pet dog will feel valued and he/she will know that they did the right thing, as is bound to repeat it not only for the treat, but for your affection as well.

Making your pet feel valued and loved is a great way to make your pet follow your commands. Just remember to keep your cool as the first few days of training will be rough. Don’t give up on your pet – your training will be rewarded.

Article Resource: Leslie Bautista