Review: Nozbe Task Management Software

Review: Nozbe Task Management Software

Nozbe Task Management Software

Nozbe is a task management software that was introduced in 2007 and has since been gaining acclaim through various websites and bloggers. I have been using Nozbe exclusively for six months and although I have looked for and tried cheaper task management options, I have found none that can compete with the features found in Nozbe . This task management platform offers many features, but these are a few of the features that I have come to appreciate the most:

Task Management Software
  • Flexibility of the interface.
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • Free applications.
  • Ability to work with a team.

In recent years David Allen’s (2001) GTD approach (n.p.) to task management has been gaining more and more followers. Nozbe offers the kind of flexibility that is needed in order to implement the GTD approach to task management. I have come to find the many ways to organize content through Projects, Contexts, and Actions particularly useful in setting up my system.

Nozbe not only offers a stand alone calendar within the program, but it also offers integration with Google Calendar. When set up Google Calendar will display all of your tasks and offers reminders when tasks are due. This is a great way to keep all of your meetings and tasks in one place.

If Nozbe only consisted of its web based platform it would be a great option. The good news is that it doesn’t stop there, Nozbe offers free applications for various phones and computers. While I generally use the application on my Mac to keep track of my day to day responsibilities, I have found the iPhone app to be very easy to use on the go to remember things and keep track of daily tasks.

Nozbe is the ability to work

One of the newest additions to Nozbe is the ability to work with your team on tasks even if they do not have a Nozbe account. I am currently learning more and more about this feature and testing it out with my team. So far I have found that it is an extremely useful and beneficial tool so long as you educate your team on how to use the software.

While Nozbe is not a perfect task management solution, I have yet to find any solution that fits my needs more. At first I hated the idea of paying for Nozbe , with so many free options available. After trying them all I have concluded that you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a great system to get things done look no further than Nozbe .