Product Reviews – What You Need to Know

Product Reviews – What You Need to Know

Product reviews are an important part of your brand’s social proof strategy. They allow customers to see what others think of your products before making a purchase.

A good product review is balanced, providing a clear picture of both the benefits and drawbacks of a specific item. Great product reviews can increase consumer confidence and satisfaction and drive sales.

Social Proof

Whether you’re selling a new pair of Nike shoes or an innovative online community platform, social proof is an effective way to build trust with customers. People are often hesitant to purchase something they’ve never tried before, but seeing other satisfied users can help to overcome their reservations.

While social proof can be overdone, it’s an important tool to have in your conversion arsenal. Displaying an abundance of 5-star, positive reviews can provide upfront reassurance for customers and give them the confidence they need to click “purchase.”

While testimonials from real customers are a common type of social proof, case studies offer a more in-depth account of how a product helped a customer solve their problem. For example, this eCommerce website features a section of their site dedicated to case studies from industry giants like Siemens and Expedia. These stories are more powerful than simple customer endorsements and show that the brand has experience in delivering high-quality products.


Convenience is a huge driver of customer behavior, particularly in the age of ecommerce. Consumers want convenient options that offer them a wide range of choices without the hassle and time investment of having to drive across town or wait for delivery. This makes convenience a major deciding factor for customers when choosing one brand over another, and it’s important to keep this in mind when asking your customers to review your products or services. It’s also important to give your customers an easy way to do so by making it a point to request reviews in a variety of ways, including email, SMS, or on a thank you card after they complete their purchase or delivery, continue to read more.

Video reviews are also a growing trend and can be extremely powerful, as they allow the reviewer to go into more detail about their experience using your product.

Ease of Use

Product ease of use is one of the top metrics that UX teams focus on. It relates to how well a design allows users to accomplish their goals when they interact with it.

Think about services you use that have streamlined the way you do something, like Netflix or Pinterest. These tools are easy to understand, navigate, and use for people of all levels of tech savviness.

To measure ease of use, G2 uses user-reported feedback on a task-level satisfaction scale in our review forms. Reviews that are completed more thoroughly and that are solicited without incentive are weighted more heavily. This helps to ensure that the most recent and relevant reviews are displayed for each product. The review form also includes a question asking if the user would recommend the product to a friend or colleague. This is a great indicator of the overall satisfaction level. If your product is hard to use, it could be negatively impacting your reputation with customers.


When it comes to eCommerce, credibility is key and product reviews can be one of the most effective ways to build that. When shoppers see that a number of people have already reviewed a particular product, it eliminates any doubts they might have and makes them more confident about their purchase.

Reviews can help you find gaps in your products or services and give you the opportunity to fix them. They also allow you to understand your customers better and make informed stocking decisions.


With FeedbackFive’s Review Reminder and Incentives module, you can make reviewing products even more fun for your customers! You can set when and how to send review reminders, customize those emails, set rewards values and more. Plus, every review posted will first be submitted for your approval before it goes live! That way, you can rest assured that only genuine reviews will be displayed. Learn more about our Review Reminder and Incentives module here!