Product Review: Fragrant Footings Insoles

Product Review: Fragrant Footings Insoles

Fragrant Footings Insoles

Have you ever bought the most cute pair of shoes that really fit well and are uncomfortable, but had to be thrown away? What could be the problem? Well with summertime’s hot temperatures the moisture from your feet made those cloth-lined shoes just a bit unpleasant to smell! And putting them in your closet with your clothes was a really bad idea. Now your clothes smell like stinky feet!

I’ve been in the situation numerous times and cringed at the number of adorable shoes I parted with and got quite upset about the idea of all the money I wasted on these shoes. This summer, I decided enough was enough and set out for a solution. As I was reading my All You magazine for women, I noticed an editor’s remark about the product “Fragrant Footings Insoles.” They promised to keep my shoes smelling sweet so I gave in and tried them.

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles

Ordering my Fragrant Footings Insoles was a breeze. I simply ordered them online using my credit card and they arrived within a few days. For those who don’t like to shop online, you can call the companies toll free number at: 888-773-9626.

Inserting my Fragrant Footings Insoles

This was as easy as 1-2-3 too. I took out the pair of shoes that I wanted to put them in and slipped them in with the backing on just to see how well the insoles fit in. Because I am a size 8 1/2, the insoles were a little bit long. So I took a pair of scissors and cut around the heel a little bit (the insoles are made to be trimmed). Once I had the right fit, I took off the backing to reveal lightly sticky glued and press them into my flat ballerina slipper shoes, read more from here.

Putting the Fragrant Footing Insoles to the test

I notice when I slipped my foot into my shoe, they were just a tiny bit tighter than usual because of the insole, despite how thin the insoles at 1/8″. However, the discomfort was slight and after a few minutes of walking around in my shoes, they seemed to stretch out and get more comfortable. And the verdict is in! I wore my shoes all day with no problems. The Fragrant Footings Insoles made of a special blend non-woven wool fabric kept my feet dry and smelling good all day. I was even willing to put the shoes back in my closet! As an added bonus, the insoles were comfortable and I barely noticed they were there.

Price of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

They are a little expensive at 2 pair for $15, but well worth the money. Plus they sent me a coupon with my purchase for a free pair of insoles with my next purchase. Smart marketing!

Variety of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

Variety of Fragrant Footing Insoles

Fragrant Footing Insoles come in Mint, Jasmine, or Lemon scent. And although I’ve only used one scent, the Jasmine, I would highly recommend it. The scent is light and pleasant, not obnoxious. All scents come in either black or tan so they are not so noticeable in your shoes. I bought black to match my black shoes. Although I choose the full length insoles, you can also get mini-cushions that fit under the balls of your feet for 2 pair for $11.

Overall impression of Fragrant Footing Insoles:

I love this product and on a scale of 1 to 10 would give them a 10! I love it and think they are well worth it since I will no longer have to throw away shoes and the money I spent on them. I plan on getting more for other shoes.