Lose Weight the Real Way

Lose Weight the Real Way

Lose Weight the Real Way

I have always wondered why I could not loose weight. I tried weight lifting, running, walking, and oh so many diets. Finally I came across a friend of a friend, who was a certified dietitian. And the things that she told me really made a lot of sense. So now I thought it would be great to share this information with the rest of the world, Visit our website for fruitful information about Cannabidiol oil now.

Let me start by saying that I am just starting this program and don’t have any extravagant results to share just yet. But it sounds like I just might.

She told me that the thing to do is not stop eating. If you stop eating, then your body will realize that you are on a diet, and start storing fat. The main thing to do, is to count calories and find out what your calorie maintenance level is. But before you can do this there are some things that you should know.

For instance, you should know that 1 gram of protein equals 4 calories. So if you eat 10 grams of protien, then you are actually eating 40 calories. Also, you should know that 1 gram of carbohydrates, equals 4 calories. Same as for protein. Now fat is different. 1 gram of fat equals 9 calories.

Now don’t go and cut out all of your proteins, fats, and carbs, just so you can lose weight because this is where the body suspects something is wrong and stores fat. What you do is figure out what your calorie maintenance level is.

Your calorie maintenance level is the level of calories, that you need in order to maintain your current weight. (And everybody is different). So you must find out what yours is before you can lose or gain weight. (Yes some people go on diets to gain weight!) And the way that this works is, when you find your maintenance level then all you have to do is eat less calories to lose weight. And eat more calories to gain weight. Easy huh?

Now lets find your calorie maintenance level.

First you must, eat your normal diet for the first day and keep track of your calories. Don’t change anything the first day. Then when you find out at the end of the day, how many calories you normally take in, let’s say that number is 2500 for now. Then all you have to do is reduce your calories by 500 if you are trying to lose weight, or increase by 500 if you are trying to gain weight. This does not have to be exact. You can vary 50 to 75 calories per day. Stay at this level, for about a week. If you don’t lose or gain which ever you are trying to do. Then reduce or increase, your calorie intake by 250 calories. She said that the reason you increase by so little increments, is so that you don’t have complications from losing, or gaining weight to rapidly. You should only see a 1-2 pound change the first week. Then when your body stops losing or gaining, then reduce or increase your calories, by another 250 calories. Continue reducing or increasing, until you reach your goal weight.

The next thing you should do is exercise. There is no way to legally lose weight without exercising. Whether it is walking, running, lifting weights, or what ever. The main thing is to stay active. So I am giving this a try, and I hope you all do to.