Knife Review: Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife

Knife Review: Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife

Buck 119 Special Hunting Knife

Sometimes, in order to test a knife, ripe red tomatoes must die. The Buck 119 Special fixed-blade hunting knife that I recently purchased was certainly more than a match for a couple of tomatoes and some spinach. In fact, the Buck 119 Special is definitely one of the sharpest knives that I’ve used in recent years. It is far better than any of the knives in our kitchen knife block.

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Where our dull kitchen knives often crush tomatoes, the six-inch blade on this big Buck simply slices through them like butter. Of course, this knife is made for hunting instead of the kitchen. The Buck 119 Special evokes the recognizable classic blade shape of a bowie or K-bar fighting knife. However, the handle has the milder shape and grip of a hunting knife. Of course, if someone comes at you with a tomato or banana, you’ll be ready.

The Buck 119 Special is a working quality fixed blade knife that retails for a suggested price of $80. I was able to get it for about half that price at Walmart. While it is a ridiculous tool for cutting a tomato and trimming off spinach stems, this Buck is a sturdily constructed knife.

The blade itself is six inches long and made of 420HC heat-treated stainless steel with a satin finish. The blade has a standard hardness of Rc58. The handle is black as the night and made of a smooth resin material called phenolic. A polished aluminum guard protects the users hand and an aluminum butt completes the knife, discover more.

Of course, a knife is only useful if you can bring along with you on your outdoor adventures. This knife comes with a black nylon sheath that securely holds the knife with a strap and snap that goes around the handle. A belt-loop allows this Buck knife to be worn on the belt. But, unless you want to look like Crocodile Dundee, you might want to use a low key pocket knife around town. The Buck 119 is a lot bigger than my Swiss Army Tinker or Buck 425 Mini Buck pocket knives.

Buck makes knives to satisfy many users. The Buck 119 Special has been made for 47 years to satisfy “avid” users who want a functional, no nonsense, product that holds up to “rigorous” use. This knife is covered by a lifetime warranty that protects against defects in material or workmanship. Tthe Buck 119 is solidly made, right here in America, and it looks like it could last a lifetime. If you are looking for well-made products made in America, you should certainly look at knives from companies like Buck. I’m certainly glad I bought this knife, you can use it to make a great sandwich or dress a deer.