How to Work A Can Opener?

How to Work A Can Opener?

How to Work A Can Opener

Can openers are available in many types, such as a one-touch can opener, electric can opener, and manual can opener. You may find a few differences in their use but the basic principle in all types of can openers are the same.

Whether you are using an electric can opener or manual can opener, they will work on the same principle with a little different such as for electric can opener you need power. Stay tuned to this article to get more information.

How Electric Can Opener Works?

How Electric Can Opener Works

Electric can opener work on the same principle as a manual can opener, but you must need electric power to use it when you have an electric can opener.

When you plugged in the can opener with electric power, there is a lever on the can opener’s front side; if you push that lever down, you will hear the voice, ensuring the electric can opener is working.

Then lift the lever, and it will stop working; the engaged switch will separate from the lever; there is a blade under the lever, which is placed over the small gear. It would help if you placed the can opener’s tip under the blade, and when the lever pushes down, these blades start rotating.

Due to that rotation, it can also start rotating, and the blade will cut the can lid from all around; there is a small arm that comes from the lever and holds with a small magnet. The magnet helps the blade stick with the can lid, and after removing the lid from the can, it also holds the lid. Once you remove the lid from the can, you can remove the lid from the can by lifting it.

How Manual Can Opener Works?

The manual mechanism can opener working is very simple, which is simple to understand just by knowing about its parts. There are four major parts in a can opener, handles, crank, traction gear, and cutting wheel, which completes the Can opening assignment.

Two handles in the manual can opener, connected with a single bolt, which allows them to move apart and together. You can increase pressure on the lid of the can by closing these handles.

Crank in the manual can opener is attached with any one of the handles; an axle goes through the handle and attaches the traction gears on the other side. When you separate the handles to open a can, you need to place the traction gears under the can’s lip and keep the cutting wheel above the lip. Then bring the handles closer will increase the pressure on the lip of the can.

The traction gear is the small, round metal wheel with notches, which helps increase the control on the grip to hold the lip firmly. The last part is the cutting wheel that is a sharp edge that comes around the circumference, and when you apply the force, it cuts the lid.

How Manual Can Opener Works

Final Thoughts:

Can openers be small handy items, which are available in many types? But the basic mechanism of all can openers is the same. We have also shared an electric can opener and manual can opener mechanism. If you need more information about the can opener, visit online.