How To Secure Pegboard Hooks

How To Secure Pegboard Hooks

How To Secure Pegboard Hooks

Are you frustrated with your pegboard hooks that fall out when removing tools and stuff?

You still didn’t find any solution to this problem, right?

No worries!!!

We have got some effective tips for you and teach you in our article how to secure pegboard hooks.

Securing your pegboard hooks is your duty to make everything at your home or garage organized.

Some steps to secure your pegboard hooks

Some steps to secure your pegboard hooks

Follow the step by step process to secure peg board hooks.

Step 1: The Problem

I have found my pegboard on my garage wall with the larger 1/4 inch holes. On the other side, the thicker wire hooks and accessories, specially made for the larger hole, perform great.

The main setback is its thinner wire hooks, which are about a 1/8 inch thick, won’t stay strict.

We have got that sometimes you can require these smaller hooks because the thicker gauge doesn’t come in the small profiles needed.

Most importantly, you can get the thinner hooks at a very lower price.

Step 2: Tools and Materials

You can find thin gauge wire at the local store. It’s 3 spools of 33 feet. The package won’t provide you with an actual gauge size, but it is thin enough to be easily bent and twisted by hand.

Step 3: Cut and Bend the Wire

It would help if you cut a length of wire from the spool roughly 10 to 12 inches long. You can find this length a little longer than you are actually looking for, but it just gets things easier until you get the hang of it.

Then tend to bend the wire in half, forming a small “loop” at the bend—the “loop” needs to have enough open spaces to allow the pegboard hook to slip inside.

Starting from the “loop” form the wire into a “fish hook” shape that is “about” equal in width to two adjacent holes in the pegboard.

Finally, bend the “tail” in an arc that is quite apart from the “loop.” Thus, it will make the next step quite easier.

Step 4: Threading the Wire

It is ridiculous, and just taking an idea of how well and easy it works, the pegboard I’m using here is screwed to a standard stud wall with fiberglass insulation behind, and I don’t get any access to the back of the pegboard.

Step 5: Securing the Top of the Pegboard Hook

Now, what should you do in this step?

Get the wire threaded through the two holes, with the wire’s loop out the top hole; now, you aim to secure the pegboard hook.

Get the hook in your hand and tail of the wire, on the other hand, put the top of the hook through the loop in the wire.

The next part is gone to be a little tricky, but we are moving to pull the wire back through the the top hole and keeping the top of the hook through the loop in the wire.

Step 6: Securing the Bottom of the Pegboard Hook

To do this, you can use the “tail” of the wire, get one piece around one side and over top of the hook, do the same with the other piece of wire, but it is from the opposite side.



Making pegboard hooks is not the final solution to store your tools and kits. Instead, securing pegboard hooks is a big deal. Without it, you won’t win the race.

To make yourself perfect for getting this job done, go through our article on how to secure pegboard hooks. You will get enough information regarding your job.