How To Replace A Conservatory Roof With A Tiled Roof?

How To Replace A Conservatory Roof With A Tiled Roof?

How To Replace A Conservatory Roof With A Tiled Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of a house that needs to be strong and weatherproof at all costs. If the roof stays put, the entire house would remain safe in all weathers. However, there are many who still live under a conservatory roof and find it difficult sustaining in the harsh monsoons, snow, heat and cold. Putting up a strong tiled roof is not a big deal if the right process is followed and the right materials are used. You wouldn’t even need a guy to help you in this process. To help you with it, below mentioned is a step by step guide that should be followed for fixing a solid tiled roof in place of a conservatory roof.

Step 1: Removing The Existing Roof

Removing The Existing Roof

The first and foremost step should, of course, be the removal of a conservatory roof that is still on the top. The roof should be removed in the most careful manner as you wouldn’t want to damage the holders that are already placed at the roof. The existing holders would be utilized for your new roof. For starters, remove all the screws that have held the roof till now and start with one corner. Do not attempt to remove the entire roof in one go. Remove them in parts and pieces. Once done, make sure to dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner so that you don’t harm the environment in any way. You can send the pieces for recycling as well.

Step 2: Lay Down the Structural Components

The next step is to lay down all the structural components of a roof such as the rafters, ridge, beam, etc. On these components, the entire roof rests and you are able to add other features of the roof. You can get these components made out of aluminum so that they stay light-weight and strong. Once done, you have to add lightweight sheets that are waterproof. This will make sure no moisture enters your roof and your house. These sheets have a very sleek size and can be fixed beneath the rafters quite easily. They can also be used for painting, etc.

Additionally, you can ensure the strength and water resistance of your roof by adding insulated boards in between the waterproof sheets so that no water gets to enter.

Step 3: Outer Sheets

Now you have to add outer sheets that will improve the strength of the roof even more and make it more efficient. This will also provide a base for the tiles.

Step 4: Tiling

Lastly, you have to add tiles on the outer sheets. Choose slate tiles or tiles which would not let dust or water accumulate in their patterns. This will ensure the durability of your roof in the long run.

replace the roof easily

Following the steps mentioned above would help you replace the roof easily. You can either do it yourself or call help, as the process is not that difficult. For more, visit –