How to Get Lean Muscle in Under 10 Minutes a Day

How to Get Lean Muscle in Under 10 Minutes a Day

How to Get Lean Muscle in Under 10 Minutes a Day

Some men spend virtually their entire lifetimes working out in a gym, forgetting the reason they decided to start working out in the first place. For the babes, for the confidence, for the attention from the boss, whatever your reason, don’t forget it; it keeps you grounded and reminds you that working out is not your life.

You can, in fact, get a decent, muscle building work out in under 10 minutes per day. Yep, you read that right. 10 minutes. Now, if you’re someone who’s worked out before, you’ll know how hard it is to gain weight, especially dry muscular weight. You would think that you would need to work out 3 or 4 days in the gym for between 30 to 45 minutes. Fortunately it’s been physically proven that you can do so in much less time. Read from the link about how to get lean muscle in under 10 minutes a day.

Lean Muscle in Under 10 Minutes

This background information might be new to some men, but you are required to understand this if you want to gain lean muscle in under 10 minutes a day. The only reason why we gain lean muscle in the first place is because our bodies adjust to the weight that is imposed upon it as we lift. Whether it’d be body weight, free weights, or gym equipment, our muscles will grow according to which ones are stimulated, how heavy the weight was and how long the force was imposed for. It’s common sense really; remember elementary physics and the law that says a stationary body has two equal and opposite forces on it at the same time? That’s basically how muscles grow. The bigger the weight, the bigger the muscle, right?

Not completely. If you worked out with a really heavy weight for an extended period of time, your body will not appreciate it. You might sustain injury and lower muscle gaining potential. So to an extent, the shorter and more intense your workout is, the better your gains. Of course, you have to also take into consideration, the amount of rest your taking with respect to how much exercise you’ve done, as well as providing your body with the necessary amount of energy to fuel your lean muscle gains and the building blocks, ie. protein to physically increase the amount of muscle you have.

Muscle in Under 10 Minutes

You now have the basis for creating or finding a muscle routine that can help you learn how to get lean muscle in under 10 minutes. There is obviously a lot more to it, but now you can tell mates that you know why they shouldn’t waste their lives away in a gym, when they have a life to live. Eating more, working out less and getting more muscle… what could be better?