How to Get Free Steam Games?

How to Get Free Steam Games?


Free steam games can be found on the Internet, but finding them isn’t always easy. There are many search engines and directories, but most of them are outdated or full of fake links. To make sure you don’t waste your time, use this guide to search for free steam games!

The 5 Best Ways to Get Free Steam Games

Before we get into the details of how to find free steam games, let’s explain what this guide means. There are tons of sites that say they give away games for free, but rarely do you get the game you were promised. If a site promises complete freedom or tells you to completely browse their website without looking at any offers first, it’s probably fake! All these practices are illegal and result in sudden account suspensions due to suspension by Valve Corporation if caught using them.

1. Get Steam Keys

Completely fill out the CAPTCHA after clicking on this link to open your account at After doing so, you will have an email sent to you which contains a unique key for use in getting free steam games from other users who are selling their console keys or user-made content (such as mods) to others that want them desperately wanting the game but refuse dumpster diving. Find a steam key on the website and buy it with a debit or credit card. It’s quick and easy to use, as they guarantee how quickly you’ll receive your package from them after purchasing the item off their site if things go wrong!

2. Track your key

Once you own a steam key, it is necessary that you keep track of the inventory in which the game will be delivered. This way, when Steam delivers them to your email account and tells you they’re here waiting for you to download you will know exactly which key belongs on your account! Remember this for future reference.

3. Locate Other Sites

Now that you have prepared steam keys along with knowing how Steam users are allowed to sell their content off of the official market, it is now time to look at sites dedicated solely towards giving away free games obtained legally. Here are some people who are more than willing to trade prized possessions for a new game to play! You can purchase these games legally as long as you know the best places for free steam keys.

4. Buy and Sell Games

Now that you have managed to find a trade site for keys, it’s time to go about purchasing games. Simply load up the website of which you purchased your key, download whichever game is available at this specific moment, and then use the steam software on their computer or laptop (you told them where yours was) to redeem your virtual money by trading in key(s) obtained via an old PS3 install disc.

5. Claiming Games

Now that you have obtained a game of which you can get free again by going through the steps of stealing it for free, simply open up your Steam client where all games are listed, and access to this particular one along with viewing its contents. There should be a button on the right side labeled “Add a Game “.


There are many websites that give away free Steam games. However, these games will be very limited in their features and content. We have listed some of the best ways to get free Steam games with limited features and content. They are highly recommended by our readers.