How to Get a Plumber License

How to Get a Plumber License

How to Get a Plumber License

You might be wondering how to get a plumber hackney license. First, you need to make sure that you qualify to become a plumber. There are several different types of plumber licenses. You can obtain one as a journeyman, master, or certified plumber. Each license has its own requirements. Read on to find out the requirements for each one. If you meet the minimum requirements, you can apply for a plumber license.

Requirements for a Plumber’s License

Requirements for a Plumber's License

As one of the most closely regulated industries in the United States, plumbing is no different. In order to operate in the plumbing industry, you must obtain a plumber’s license in your state. The requirements differ from state to state and may depend on the type of license you need. However, it is crucial to have this license if you wish to start your own business. Just as important as a plumber’s insurance policy, a license is essential to operate legally in your state.

For example, in California, a plumber can work as a journeyman for a plumbing project under $500. To work on projects worth more than $500, you must obtain a C-36 license. Similarly, in Colorado, you must obtain a local level license in order to prospect. Regardless of your state of residence, you must comply with state regulations for plumbing. As a plumber, you must have the right license and pass all state tests.

Requirements for a master plumber’s license

The minimum requirement to become a master plumber is to complete a pre-apprenticeship program. In these programs, students learn plumbing math, design of water and waste systems, building codes, residential repair and installation methodology, as well as reading blueprints and isometric illustrations. The pre-apprentice program requires two years of study to complete all competencies. It is necessary to have a good moral character and have at least five years of experience performing plumbing.

Plumbing professionals in New York State must complete a training program and obtain a state-issued license. Although not required by law, most municipalities require plumbers to take a test that is comparable to their degree or experience. New York City is an exception, requiring master plumbers to work for one year within the city before taking the licensing exam. In addition to the licensing requirements, plumbers must maintain continuing education to stay up-to-date on changes in plumbing code.

Requirements for a Journeyman Plumber’s License

Requirements for a Journeyman Plumber's License

A Journeyman plumber must have four years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in plumbing. He or she must also have passed an exam and a supervised training course. In addition, a plumber must have at least 2,000 hours of plumbing experience and be employed by a licensed plumber. In some states, a plumber must have completed a Master Plumber apprenticeship. A Master Plumber license requires at least ten years of experience and two years of supervised plumbing training under a licensed plumber.


Journeymen plumbers specialize in plumbing repairs, installation and clogging. They have specialized knowledge of waste-disposal and drainage systems. They are also required to have a thorough understanding of building codes and can install piping systems of all kinds. Some plumbers focus on a single area such as fire-suppression systems. All plumbers require many years of education and experience to become licensed, and journeymen earn good salaries.