How To Fix A Nail Clipper?

How To Fix A Nail Clipper?

How To Fix A Nail Clipper

Nail clippers sometimes fall apart when you are using them, which can be frustrating. However, it is easy to reattach the handle and put your nail clippers back together again. If the blades on your nail clippers are dull, then you can take them apart and sharpen them. While you are fixing your nail clippers, you might also want to clean them to remove any bacteria that might be stuck on the blades. Now we will see the first method or insert the pin. A pin or rod-like piece holds the handle of your nail clippers in place and allows you to clip your nails. Locate the pin and then locate the hole near the clipper blades. Take the pin and insert it through the hole.

Fix A Nail Clipper

Make sure that the notch in the pin is on the upper side of the clippers. Hold the pin in place with your thumb by pressing on it from underneath the clippers. The second step is squeezing the clippers. Next, squeeze the clipper blades together with your thumb and forefinger while still holding onto the pin. This will expose more of the notched area in the pin and allow you to reattach the handle. If you find it difficult to squeeze hard enough to bring the blades together, then you may need to ask someone to help you or use a vice to press the blades together.

The third step is threading the handle end onto the pin. Look at your handle and find the opening on the end of it. This opening attaches to the notch in the pin. Take the open end of your handle and thread it over the notch in the pin. After you have done this, you can release the pin. The handle should stay in place from the tension created by the two opposing blades. The fourth step is to turn the handle back around. Flip the handle up and over the pin, if you want to clip your nails, or spin it around if you want to close and store the clippers. Your clippers should be ready to use again.

Now we see the second method to fix the clipper. Take the clipper apart to sharpen your nail clippers you will first have to take them apart. Squeeze the clipper blades together using your thumb and index finger. Then flip the handle over to the front of the blades and take it off of the notch in the pin. Set the pin and handle aside while you sharpen the clipper blades. The second step is squeezing the blades together. Place your thumb and index finger near the end of the clippers where the two blades meet and then squeeze the blades together.

sharpening the blades

Continue to squeeze and keep the blades close together while you sharpen them. If this is difficult for you, then try using a vice to hold the clippers in place while you sharpen them. The third step is sharpening the blades. You can use a sandpaper covered dowel to sharpen the blades if the blades are curved. If the blades are flat, then you can use a sharpening stone. Rub the clipper blades back and forth along the sandpaper or sharpening stone to sharpen them. Do this for a few minutes to ensure that they are nice and sharp. The fourth step is to put the clipper back together. When you are finished sharpening the blades, you can put the clippers back together. Now your clipper is ready to use. Here is the wonderful option to know more click the link