Techniques to Master The Natural Makeup Look!

Techniques to Master The Natural Makeup Look!

Natural Makeup Look

Have you been longing to get a natural make up look but always end up creating a fuss or over doing it? Does the question how to do natural makeup keeps nagging in your mind. Even after trying hundred thousand times and watching YouTube make up videos gazillion times, you still don’t get desired result. Well, may be your technique to apply Make Up is the culprit which is leading you to utter dissatisfaction and discontentment regarding your make up looks.

Here are few ways to help you to attain the desired make up look.

Now as you are not new to try the Make Up, it is expected that the basics are thoroughly clear with you such as washing the face thoroughly to remove excess oil or dirt and applying moisturizer to avoid dry and flaky skin.

Let us straightforward jump to the techniques that you wanted to know since forever to ace your Make Up game.

  1. While applying a concealer, make sure not to over emphasize on it and apply it directly on the spot you want to conceal and not around it. Also make sure, your concealer matches your skin shade. Now you feel stupid because the answer of how to do natural makeup is extraordinarily simple but you were doing it wrong since forever.
  2. Even a right color foundation matching your skin color is giving you an alien look and you cannot figure out what goes wrong every time you apply it. Well, blend your foundation thoroughly until it reflects your skin color. Most importantly, go underneath your jaw while applying a foundation. If you stop it right at your jaw, it will form a demarcation line and will give you fake look.
  3. Applying bronzer and blush together is stopping you from getting the subtle natural make up look. Choose one so as not to over dramatize your looks. If blush is your favorite, skip bronzer and bronzer is the necessity, give up on blush.
  4. Eyes are the most prominent feature of face. Use light neutral tone eye shade to apply all over the lid and just above the crease and use bit darker shade to line the top lid. Blend the colors uniformly to get natural look.
  5. Mascara is the favorite make up accessory of most ladies. Pick up the magic wand and coat your lashes with one layer of mascara to make your eyes stand out against your skin.
  6. Now you are just one step away to get all natural make up look. Your desired look finishes with applying a lip shade that closely matches your natural lip color. Choose the one that would last long.
how to do natural makeup

Now that you have learnt the right way to apply Make Up at, you will not have to hassle much to get the natural, subtle and radiant look. Get yourself ready for the next meeting or house warming party following these simple steps and let the world embrace you for your style statement.