How to Design a Website Using Cms

How to Design a Website Using Cms

How to Design a Website Using Cms

Designing a website is becoming a complex task now because of adding unique features to make your website unique from others.

With the advancement of technology, many new tools came into the market for designing the website. But the most common that is old, but still, a reliable tool is cms.

A content management system that abbreviated as cms is a tool that provides opportunities to add features such as polling, member registration, and other search bar options.

You can design a unique website with the help of cms. How will you use cms to make a website? We will elaborate on you on how to design a website using cms in our below content.

Popular Cms Tools:

Popular Cms Tools

There are some popular tools of cms given below.

• Word press.
• Drupal.
• Joomla.
• Concrete5.

These tools allow you to add as many features to your website as to make it attractive, easy, and unique for your visitors.

How to Design a website using CMS?

How to Design a website using CMS

• First of all, you should choose the cms platform you want to design your website. You can choose any of the platforms that we have provided you above.
• It is better to read each platform’s pros and cons before choosing and then match them with your web design requirements. A platform that provides you better opportunities picks that one.
• The next step is to select your design; always try to choose that name, which is short and with your brand name. Do not pick the long names. It becomes difficult for people to remember.
• Now choose the host for your website domain. Some Cms tools also have hosted with them, but some allow you to choose any other hosts. You should select the best hosting domain that is cost-effective and has good performance.
• Next to that is to install the cms tool. You need here to install the cms tool that you have chosen for your website design. It is a simple way to download it and pushes the run button, it will start installing. Enter all the details that it requires; you may work for a couple of minutes for installing it.
• Now choose the plugins you want to add to your website like jackpot, social media sharing buttons, add to any button, etc. But there are many of the plugins; some are free of cost while others are paid. Indeed paid plugins are better than free plugins.
• Next, to install the plugins, you need to upload the theme for your website. You can select a theme from the cms tool store or download a theme from the internet. There are also free and paid themes for your page.
• When you have completed your website design customization, you can now upload your content on the website. Add any of the content according to your chosen niche and post it.
• Now you should go online, you should fill out SEO settings, and then connect your website with a performance tracker such as jackpot. It will help you to track the performance of your website. Who and how many people visit websites.

Final Thoughts:

It is an interesting job to design your website. There are many tools available that make it possible for you to design your website.

But among all the cms tools are the best one and reliable for designing a website. These are simple and easy to work. We have provided you detailed information about how to design a website using cms.