Check Out Easy Steps to Convert Excel Sheet into PDF File

Check Out Easy Steps to Convert Excel Sheet into PDF File

Excel Sheet into PDF File

There can be many reasons due to which you might want to convert the Excel file into PDF and this will help anyone to open it. Sometimes, the receiver might not be using Office and even then PDF can let him/her open the excel file. When you want to print the excel spreadsheet, then having a PDF of it would make the printing task lot easier. You won’t have to download an application for doing this task but you just need to do the whole process inside the program only. Here are some simple steps with which you can convert the excel sheet into PDF:

• When you have a number of worksheets and you want to combine it in a particular PDF, then you just need to open the excel sheet and click on the icon on left corner from where you will find a number of options like New, Open, Save, Save As and then Print.

• You can click on the print option and then you have to select deskPDF as the name of the print file. You are also allowed to print particular pages on the spreadsheet by selecting it in print range option.

• The default option would be the print range and then you will have to select the one with the number of pages you want to select for converting it in PDF format. If you want to convert entire workbook into PDF, then you can select that option for yourself.

• After selecting the necessary options, you just need to scan the whole PDF before getting it printed on paper. It will be better if you will choose the print quality of the first column to 600dpi.

• It is your choice how you want to change the orientation of PDF and the final results would come out as selected by you.

So, these are the simple method with which you can convert the excel sheet into PDF form and if you want to find out another method on how to convert excel to pdf, then you can check out here more about it.

how to convert excel to pdf

An easy way to convert excel into PDF

You can select the spreadsheet part which you want to convert into PDF and then you can click on the File tab where you will find the option of Export and you can click on it. After selecting this option, you can click on create PDF document bar. The file name will be shown to you and you can also change it according to your requirements.

There would be options available in front of you and you can choose them according to the type of PDF you want to print. After selecting the size of the PDF, you can start the work without any problem. It is really easy to convert the PDF file into excel in simple steps. You don’t need to take help of any other in doing this easy task. This is really easy method when you want to know how to convert excel to pdf. Whenever any of your friend without windows or computer asks you to send an excel sheet, then you can send it by converting it into PDF file.