How to Bandage a Horse’s Injured Hoof

How to Bandage a Horse’s Injured Hoof

How to Bandage a Horse's Injured Hoof

Horses spend most of their time standing. If a horse is lying down, it usually means that it is injured. It is important to be able to bandage a horse hoof correctly. An easy way to bandage a horse hoof involves duct tape and diapers.

What You Will Need:

  • A plastic sheet, such as a tarp
  • A 5 gallon bucket
  • A water source
  • Iodine shampoo
  • A gentle scrub brush
  • A towel
  • Any medication prescribed for the horse’s wound by the veterinarian
  • Two pieces of 4 inch gauze (or bigger, if it needs to be bigger to cover the wound on the hoof)
  • Two disposable baby diapers (that fit over the horse’s hoof)
  • Self-adhesive wrap (enough to wrap around the horse’s hoof)
  • A roll of duct tape
  • Scissors (if you can’t tear duct tape)

Prepare the Work Area

Clean the Horse's Hoof

Lay the plastic sheet down on the ground so the horse will not be stepping on any dirt. In the best of situations, the horse will step on the plastic so the injured hoof is on it. However, some horses may be skittish and the hoof may need to be lifted onto the plastic, learn more.

Clean the Horse’s Hoof

Put 1 ounce of iodine shampoo into the five (5) gallon bucket. Then fill the bucket half full with water. Put the injured hoof into the water and shampoo mixture and let it soak for two (2) minutes. Once the two minutes are over, remove the hoof from the bucket and gently scrub it using the gentle scrub brush to remove any dirt or feces that is on the hoof. After scrubbing the hoof, gently dry it with a towel. Place the hoof back on the clean and dry plastic sheet.

Bandage the Hoof

Apply any medication that is prescribed by a vet to the hoof. Afterward, place one piece of clean gauze over the wound. Apply another piece of clean gauze over that piece of gauze.

Diaper the Hoof

Put a disposable diaper on the horse’s hoof, making sure that the front of the diaper is at the front of the hoof. Gently fasten the diaper using the sticky tabs that are on the diaper. Place another disposable diaper over this diaper, making sure that the front of the diaper is on the left side of the horse’s hoof. Gently fasten this diaper with the sticky tabs on the diaper.

Wrap the Hoof

Wrap the Hoof

Take the self-adhesive wrap and start wrapping the horse’s hoof from the top of the diapers down to the bottom of the hoof. Make it so the wrap is tight enough to hold the diapers in place, but not tight enough to stop the circulation in the horse’s leg and hoof. Stopping the circulation will cause more damage to the horse.

Tape the Bandage in Place

Tear, or using the scissors, cut, five pieces of duct tape that will easily fit over the bottom of the bandaged hoof. Place these so they form a star pattern on the bottom of the hoof and make sure the tape sticks to the diapers and the self-adhesive bandage. Once this is done, take the roll of duct tape and start at the top of the self-adhesive bandage and roll it around the horse’s hoof until it reaches the bottom to hold the bandage in place.