How Much Water is Required to Run an Air Cooler?

How Much Water is Required to Run an Air Cooler?

How Much Water Is Required to Run An Air Cooler

Most of the people who are buying air coolers tend to think of the water it will need to sustain for night or day. It can be frustrating if your cooler needs to be refilled five or six times a day. When the refilling isn’t bothersome to you, then you don’t need to worry about the size of the air cooler or the price of it. One can’t define the particular amount of water for any cooler because the coolers are different. There can be several factors that play a major role in deciding the amount of water required by the cooler. Here are a few questions which you need to answer to find out the water required by your cooler.

What’s The Size Of Your Cooler?

What’s The Size Of Your Cooler

First of all, the size of your cooler matters a lot when you need to find how mnay liters of water does an air cooler consume per night. The small cooler will ask for a lesser amount of fo water because it has lesser capacity but big air coolers will need lots of water every day.

Is the Season Humid or Dry?

If the season is dry in your area, then the water will get evaporated faster. For example, if the water gets finished in six hours during the humid season, then it will evaporate within 3 to 4 hours during summers. So, you need to check the average type of season you have in your area and then decide the amount of water your cooler will need.

How Long Do You Want To Use A Cooler?

In some areas, you won’t need to use cooler for many hours while sometimes, you will use it for 24 hours. If you will use cooler for long hours, then you need to refill it again and again. Even the big coolers have to be refilled once in a day.

What Is The Average Temperature Of Your Area?

If the temperature of your area isn’t too high, then the water in the cooler won’t evaporate faster otherwise it can get finished all of a sudden. In dry areas, the water won’t take much time to evaporate.

What Is The Average Temperature Of Your Area

So, these are the questions you need to ask yourself to know the right amount of water required by a cooler. It won’t be difficult for you to find the answer to how mnay liters of water does an air cooler consumes per night. You can also consult about the water capacity by talking to the store owner from where you are buying the air cooler. In an average-sized cooler, one can put around 150 liters of water every night and it will last for six hours. If you will get larger coolers, then the water can last throughout the night for ten hours. If you don’t have any problem with refilling the cooler in the middle of the night, then you can also get a small-sized cooler otherwise buying the large cooler won’t be a bad idea. Again, the big coolers would need more space and maintenance than the smaller coolers.