How do you Win the Claw Machine?

How do you Win the Claw Machine?

How do you Win the Claw Machine

When it comes to playing a claw machine then it includes lots of fun because you can win exciting prizes. If you ever played a claw machine before then you must have knowledge then it is very hard to win a prize every time. But once you get know how to study and win claw machine then you can easily earn a lot with great winnings at claw machines.

Here are some tips that can help you to know how to win at a claw machine in an effective manner:

Select the right claw machine

It is important for you to choose a claw machine where people have already played for a while. It helps you to find the one claw machine in which the prizes are not packed tightly together which makes it hard to pick up with the claw. It is also important for you to have a look at the prize pits where all the stuffed animal’s prizes look very tightly packed and facing outward that make hard for the claw to pick them up.

Claw Machine

Choose the 3 pronged claws

As comparison to 2 pronged or 4 pronged claws, it is easy for you to win with the 3 pronged claws. However, it is easy to pick up the stuffed animals with 4 pronged claws but the chances of win is more by using the 3 pronged claws.

Watch some playing to enhance your knowledge

Whenever you are going to play arcade game like claw machine, it is essential for you to know how do the claw machine operate and you have to pay attention to picking up the right prize with it. You can also look at how other players playing the game that can help you to know how to move crane easily all around the prize pit that helps you to win.

Pick a prize before you put money into the machine

It can help you to save your lot of time as you can easily pick up the right prize. The rounder shaped prizes like football, baseballs are difficult to pick up as comparison to the angular objects like stuffed animals.

Get a friend’s help

You can also take the help of a friend who watches from the other side and it can help you to know whether the claw is directly over the prize or not. It can help you to move the direction of the claws quickly and help you to save your lot of time. If you do not have any friends with you then you can judge the position of the claw by looking at the mirror.

Adjust the position of the claw

You can make tiny movements to get the claw on their right position and make sure not to move the claw so much that can take it completely out of the position. Once you put money on the machine then you can immediately start manoeuvring the claw over the prize that can help you to find the right position to pick up the prize. You can drop the claw when it is in the right position. You have to make sure that you press the button that can lower the claw before the time runs out. If you do not get the prize then you can repeat the process.

At present, there are lots of claw machines are available on the online platform that you can buy at your affordable prices and it can be a perfect indoor game for your children. People can have different reasons to buy claw machine but you have to choose the one best for you.