How Do You Clean A Smartwatch

How Do You Clean A Smartwatch

How Do You Clean A Smartwatch

Have you a smartwatch? Have you felt that when you wear that watch, you feel irritation on your skin? That is the right time to clean your watch.

But keep in mind cleaning the smartwatch is not like cleaning your clothes and hands. Smartwatch is different from other wrist watches; it means you need different ways to wash it than other wristwatches. 

They have a touch screen and also SIM card and memory card, while other wrist watches do not have such things. So things are different and need proper care while cleaning.

You do not worry about listening about that care; we will guide you here about how do you clean a smartwatchRead more here for more details.

What Do We Need to Clean?

What Do We Need to Clean

With dirt, sweat, lint, and other sorts of grime, your watches become dirty. It would help if you cleaned them properly. If you do pay attention to them in the future, they become useless to you. It would help if you cleaned your watch band, dial, and its screen. But before that, check them properly. 

What Material Do You Need?

It would be best to have water, alcohol, liquid soap, a coffee filter, soft cloth, toothbrush, and leather cleaner.

How to Clean Band?

While you are cleaning the watch band, it depends on the type of watch band.

Metal Band:

  • If you have a metal band, you need to make a solution of water diluted soap. Dip the band in it and keep it for two minutes.
  • Next, rub all parts of the band with a toothbrush gently.
  • You can use hot water.
  • When stubborn removes, wash it with cold, clean water.

Leather Band:

  • You need to clean your watch leather band with the skin cleaner or conditioners. It will make a layer around the band and keep it secure from damage.
  • Take a clean cloth sock and rub it smoothly and cleans your watch band.

Screen Cleaning:

  • Your smartwatch screen does not need anything except a microfiber cloth.
  • Wash it and clean it with dry microfiber cloth from time to time and make sure that cloth is not oily.
  • Do not use chemicals to wash the screen; if your watch is waterproof, you can wash it water and clean it with a microfiber cloth.

Cleaning other Ports:

Cleaning other Ports
  • Your smartwatch contains small crannies and hooks in its assembling. You will find dirt and stubborn with time in those places. So it would be best if you cleaned them.
  • You wash these places with mixed soap water and then clean them with a soft dry cloth.
  • Places near the leather band clean them with animal skin cleaners.

Final Words:

With time everything got dirty and given a tedious look. Same as with your smartwatches, when you feel that these watches need proper cleaning, then clean them.

We researched and found the correct information about cleaning your smartwatches. If you follow our provided steps, you will clean your watch without damaging them.