How Do Commercial Dehumidifiers Work?

How Do Commercial Dehumidifiers Work?

How Do Commercial Dehumidifiers Work

The process of dehumidification is based on the use of a desiccant chemical to absorb moisture in the air. These devices draw in air via a fan and pass it over a moisture-absorbing desiccant substance that is contained on a slow-moving wheel. The wheel then warms up and allows the moisture to drip into a water storage tank. These devices are widely used across many industries. They have several advantages over natural ventilation and can even outperform air quality in areas with air conditioning.

Dessicant Dehumidifiers

Dessicant Dehumidifiers

In order to properly remove humidity in your commercial setting, you need to understand how dessicant commercial dehumidification works. This type of dehumidifier works by absorbing moisture from the air in two distinct stages. First, the dessiccant absorbs moisture and then moves back to the recharge location. To do this, the dessiccant is heated or otherwise moved around the unit during its cycle. This type of dehumidifier is ideal for places where humidity is high at low temperatures, such as industrial buildings or warehouses.

The moisture in the air accelerates the process of corrosion. You’re likely familiar with the term “rust,” which describes the process of ferrous metals corroding in water vapor. But there are other examples of how corrosion can affect other materials. Crystals such as lithium fluoride or sodium iodide can be damaged by moisture in the air. Dessicant commercial dehumidifiers are useful in the manufacturing and storage of industrial equipment.

Refrigerant dehumidifiers

How do Refrigerator dehumidifiers work? A dehumidifier is a self-contained packaged unit that incorporates a fan and a refrigeration circuit. The fan draws room air in through an air inlet and passes it over a cold coil. The refrigerated air then cools and condenses. The dehumidifier draws the air from the humid area and passes it across the heated condenser. The remaining moisture is fed to the waste.

A refrigerator dehumidifier works by transferring water vapor from the air around it to a cold evaporator coil. These coils are usually located in areas where the humidity levels are higher than normal. This process will remove moisture from the air. In a residential home, a dehumidifier can remove up to eight pounds of water a day. They can be set to purge water automatically or manually. They are best suited for high humidity areas such as basements or crawl spaces.

Portable units

Using a portable unit in your commercial dehumidifier can make a big difference in minimizing the chance of a problem with mold and moisture. Since they are portable, they can be placed in the most used parts of your building without blocking the flow of air. They can also plug into any standard wall outlet. A dehumidifier is a valuable piece of equipment for any business, whether it’s a small storefront or a large warehouse.


Portable units are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. They also feature a rubber caster for ease of portability. Other features include digital touch control panels and automatic operation. However, they aren’t the most feature-rich units on the market. If you need to dehumidify large spaces, a portable unit will be your best bet. Just make sure you choose one that will fit your business needs.