Does The AirPhysio Really Work?

Does The AirPhysio Really Work?

This article will provide an in-depth analysis of this popular device. Its primary function is to open up the airwaves and dislodge mucus. However, it also helps increase lung strength and prevent infection. Although marketed towards smokers, this device is available for anyone to use. Its benefits and drawbacks are discussed in this article. Read on to learn more.

AirPhysio uses pressure to dislodge mucus

Mucus in the airways can be a nuisance and exacerbate respiratory conditions. Airphysio is a medical equipment that uses pressure to dislodge this mucus naturally. When you exhale, the positive pressure inside the machine forces mucus away from the airway walls. Mucus can then be coughed out, allowing you to breathe easier and more comfortably. The device offers the same benefits as a decongestant without the side effects.

It also increases lung strength

Using the AirPhysio Price breathing apparatus for 5 minutes thrice a day can help you increase your lung capacity and prevent respiratory diseases. This device is suitable for deep sea divers, athletes, and wind instrument musicians who wish to boost their lung strength. It is manufactured by Life Wellness Healthcare in New South Wales, Australia. The device has a child safety lock. Children should not try to open the windows using a pointed object.

It is marketed to smokers

The AirPhysio is an Australian-made breathing device that improves lung capacity. It has been designed for individuals with lung conditions, including smokers. As a bonus, the device has been endorsed by doctors and lung specialists. This seal of approval proves that the device has been tested and approved by the FDA. Smoking-related lung conditions, such as COPD, can lead to shortness of breath. The AirPhysio is a simple device that works by removing mucus from the respiratory tract.

It is available to everyone

The AirPhysio uses the same technology health professionals use to restore lung function to smokers. Unlike other home respiratory therapy devices, it is not limited to hospitals. This device allows you to maintain optimum lung function right in the comfort of your own home. Users report improving their health conditions and reduced need for inhalers. You can also use the AirPhysio to treat yourself or a loved one suffering from COPD or bronchitis.


Professional athletes and other sports people use The AirPhysio to help improve their lung function and performance. This is because smokers are susceptible to chronic lung conditions like COPD and other types of pulmonary disease. With the AirPhysio, smokers can cleanse their lungs and remove the toxins in the air that can affect lung health. It’s easy to see how The AirPhysio is an effective solution for these individuals. The device is also convenient and refill-free.