Detoxify Your Body

Detoxify Your Body

Detoxify Your Body

There are so many harmful chemicals in our environment, our water, our food and in the air we breathe, that many don’t even realize that a majority of their health issues come specifically from these toxic substances, why not find out more.

Let’s take for instance our environment. The by-products of a mining operation are emitted into our air and can damage our lungs when we breathe them in or when they are absorbed into the atmosphere and the result is acid rain. These harmful chemicals build up in our body and can cause a multitude of problems. Most of these problems are inflammatory in nature. Arthritis, asthma, fatigue and some conditions that are much more serious.


When these substances build up in our bodies they can “contaminate” our body systems and need to be removed from our bodies before more build up causes more issues such as cancer, chronic lung diseases, obesity (due to the effect that these toxins have on our metabolic system), and neurological dysfunction.

We will get into the more harmful effects and the substances that cause them in a later post. The basic element of this post is to educate you not only on how to detoxify your body but also on why to detoxify your body.

Detoxification is the process by which your body eliminates all of the waste that it doesn’t need. Now, if there are a build up of these chemicals in your systems, which attack anti-oxidants, your immune system will have a more difficult time eliminating these substances. In this case, you’ll need a little bit of help. When seeking a medical professional to try and help you detoxify your system it is always best to seek a more whole body, whole health practitioner. Chiropractor, acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, Naturopath, etc. These physicians will advise and prescribe a more natural herb or group of detoxifying agents to help literally “pull” out these harmful elements from your system.

During this effective detoxification period, which usually takes at least 8 weeks, you may start to feel a bit more fatigued as your body is getting used to the “pulling” out of the toxins, which inhabit your body. However, it is not severe or debilitating. Just enough to notice. But, what you’ll predominantly notice is a clearer complexion, slightly decreased appetite, more irregular bowel movements, less gas in your abdomen, and definitely more energy. You may even lose a few pounds. This process jump-starts your metabolism again as the heavy metals and toxins are pulled from your body. Seeking out the proper practitioner for this is essential. You want to make sure that the individual you choose is qualified and very experienced with this process. You’ll feel better. Have more energy. And some things that may have bothered you previously, fatigue, gas, irregularity, acne, gastrointestinal issues and joint pain will all begin to less severe or maybe even non-existent.