Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions?

Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions?

Could Pitch & Volume Cause Tinnitus Sufferers Other Afflictions

The portrayal of an opera singer’s high pitch is symbolic in its ability to shatter glass. If a high pitch can impact glass in such a destructive manner what if a high pitch carried inside the head sounded continuously sometimes meek and sometimes deafening?

There are high pitches that exist within the mind although there is a debate about where exactly they originate, in the ears or the brain. The affliction is titled Tinnitus or “ringing of the ears.”

different frequencies of pitch

Tinnitus carries with it different frequencies of pitch and volume. It’s the high pitch streams that are bothersome. Low pitches can be muffled out without trying too hard. Tinnitus is so intrusive it can feel like someone screaming. Those intrusive mind boggling pitches have even raised military curiosity about using pitch against enemies to make them dizzy & nauseous, check our editor note.

If pitch can make someone sick this could explain why a person with Tinnitus might have Collateral circumstances surrounding their affliction. One may become dizzy when bending which can limit the kinds of exercise they can do. Any acrobatics of standing on the head, doing cartwheels or rolling over would be quite difficult and could be harmful with a substantial dizzying problem.

Tension headaches to migraine could become a product of pitch and so could nausea. Being nauseous can make you dizzy and dizziness can lead to headache and nausea.

Low to high pitch frequencies could affect the degree of disorders like dizziness and the stability to walk after performing a simple task of bending over to pick something up. Low high pitch frequencies would seemingly be less debilitating with little to no problem while medium promotes a problem and the high end of a high pitch stimulates chaos while interfering with normal activity.

The louder the pitch is the greater the volume the more difficult the challenge will be to function. Variables in striking keynotes & pitches could affect degrees like when a pitch is reached it may not be as affective as the next pitch, which might be higher or lower which might be less affective.

Tinnitus sufferers

High pitch may explain why some Tinnitus sufferers tend to get frequent migraine. The consistency of headaches & sustained loud high pitch can keep problems relative in a cycling loop. Trying to drown out the pitch by listening to the same pitch for example, watching a movie or TV show or listening to music can be accomplished but it doesn’t mean the pitch is gone. With Tinnitus it is still playing. The feat of undoing Tinnitus may rest in natural herbals but the jury is still out.