Children, Obesity and Weight Loss

Children, Obesity and Weight Loss

Children, Obesity and Weight Loss

Causes of Childhood Obesity

There are several causes of childhood obesity. Each factor may be responsible in combination with others.

1. Hereditary Factors: This is the most common factor as children who have a hereditary gene will automatically be obese even without the other factors being present. Unfortunately, the exact genes are responsible for the obesity of children have not been isolated, however if one or more parents are obese, the chances of childhood becoming obese are over % 40.

2. Parental Modeling: Although this may sound like genetics, it is not. In parental modeling, the child will see his or her parents as a role model and if one of them is obese, then the child may also become overweight.

Parental Modeling

3. Bad Dietary Habits: This is also one of the major causes of childhood obesity as most children nowadays are getting filled with fast food and with high calorie fatty foods. Unfortunately even the cooking styles of foods (such as transgenic oils etc) are causing the children to gain more calories, then they can burn normally.

4. Low Energy Lifestyle: In the good old days, children would play outside and spend considerable energy while playing. However, in our modern world, children are rooted in front of the television so that they either watch TV or play Sony Play station, Xbox etc. This is a very low energy lifestyle, as sometimes kids will stay for hours in front of the TV sets or in front of the computer.

5. Medical Conditions: Some diseases such as Cushing’s Disease and Hyperthyroidism can cause obesity in children

Treatment of Childhood Obesity, click here.

Although, it is impossible to treat hereditary factors, childhood obesity can be combated effectively with the methods outlined below:

Managing your child’s diet: This is perhaps the most important and effective action that you can take to combat obesity in your child. You should make sure that you do not allow extra calorie foods or fatty fast foods in the child’s diet.

A good healthy diet that is based on several servings of vegetables, fruits and cheeses will help your child lose weight and gain the healthy nutrition that he or she needs. Limit sweet or carbonated beverages and coax toward drinking more juices and water instead.

Leading an Active Lifestyle: You’ll need to coax your child in an active type of lifestyle, that is dependent on more activity such as sports and less watching of television.

Leading an Active Lifestyle

Becoming an Exemplary Role Model: You’ll need to attend to your children’s needs, that you become a good role model to them as your children. For example, as a parent if you are obese, then you should take steps to lose weight to set an example to your kids.

Drug Therapy: For physical related obesity problems, drug therapy may be recommended by the physician.