What’s the Best Way to Start a Charcoal BBQ Grill?

What’s the Best Way to Start a Charcoal BBQ Grill?


An electric BBQ grill has become a necessity of life. From the convenience of being able to cook while at work, to enjoying your favorite dishes with family and friends, the great thing about an electric BBQ is that you can have all these benefits even if you are not near a grilling area.

We all love barbeques, but it can be time-consuming to buy the materials, set up the grill and get it all done. You can save a lot of time by making your own barbeque grill. All you need is some firewood, charcoal and stones. BBQ grills can be intimidating to buy and install. Here are some helpful tips on how to start an electric BBQ grill. Go here: https://ugrilujte.cz/ for more details.

Prepare a Grill for Lighting

First, make sure the grill is clean and remove any debris sticking out of the grates. Then light your charcoal briquettes and wait until they are completely lit and covered in gray ash before lighting the gas starter. Finally, when the coals have been thoroughly heated, add them to one side of the grill while leaving space on the other side for cooking food.

How to Choose the Right Charcoal

Charcoal is a type of wood that has been burnt down to create a dark, dense and porous substance. It is used for fuel in fireplaces and barbecue grills, as well as for smoking food. Charcoal can also be used to produce black pigments such as carbon powder or soot. The right charcoal will not cause any damage to your cookware or burn the food you are cooking.

If you are not sure what to choose, read our guide about What Type of Charcoal to Buy? Extra virgin olive oil is the best way of seasoning your foods than using any other cooking fats. Choosing Better Bars With Larger Meat Packets For The BBQ – The Ultimate Guide You should also always store charcoal in airtight containers or outside long-term.

The Proper Way to Arrange Charcoal on a Grill Plate

If you are cooking large pieces of meat, make sure paper will turn to ash. Another reason for building a new charcoal fire is if it was previously used, food may have been cooked on the hot surface. Health and safety of cooking with charcoal the smoke from the charcoal produces a fine dust that is toxic if inhaled. If you have any concerns about your health or those around you, then use caution at all times when cooking with charcoal as breathing in small amounts of it can lead to serious lung problems and death.

If using a gas barbecue, ensure there are no exposed flames before lighting your coals. Feeding the fire or placing briquettes on top will burn off the soot and smoke produced, which only adds to the flavor of the cooked food. This is because charcoal produces intense heat very quickly; around 750 degrees Celsius (1,540 Fahrenheit) within seconds. If both fuels are utilized in your poker grill then neither will ignite easily due to their different chemical compositions.


The BBQ grill is a wonderful piece of equipment that can make your life much easier. But you have to be careful when purchasing one, as there are some important things to consider before making the purchase. Our blog post has detailed all the information you need about how to start a BBQ grill, so check it out today!