A Simple Way to Hit a Straight Shot with a Golf Ball

A Simple Way to Hit a Straight Shot with a Golf Ball


Golf is an ancient game. The word “golf” comes from the Dutch words “kolven,” meaning to strike or drive, and “fleshen,” meaning ball. But in recent years, it has become more than just a leisurely pastime for retired professionals and their friends. Golf is now played by people of all ages and skill levels around the world as a means of recreation, exercise, socializing, and even competition.

The article will discuss how to play golf better by standing in certain positions before swinging your club at the ball so that you can hit it straight into the hole instead of off. This will be a more enjoyable activity and you will play better.

How to Hit a Golf Shot Straight?

What you want to do is to stand with your heels firmly planted on the ground, while keeping both arms close to your chest and over the ball. You’ll have a better strike if you take some steps back from the ball and swing. These steps you will see practically at Ryder Cup 2021 live stream. Keep in mind that there will be a less power with this technique, but it will be easier to keep the ball on target and more accurate. We’ll provide you below with some steps that will definitely help you hit straight golf shots.

-Place the ball in front of your body and take three long, steady strides backwards before you swing at the ball.

-Swing your arm at the same speed, but not too fast, and always swing along a straight line towards your target first, then back to where you started; do this when hitting your shot.

-The follow-through of the golf swing is just as important as the actual swing itself for accuracy in hitting your target.

-If you want to hit a straight golf shot, hold the club firmly and only use your wrists for the movement of the swing; don’t force it with your arms, as this will just cause an inconsistent shot.

What Equipment You Need?

A golf club is one of the most important things that you’ll need before you can start playing a round of golf. Choose a club with the correct length that will fit your height and weight. You’ll also need a golf ball which should be specially designed for certain types of courses like water hazards, bunkers, and sand traps. Plus, have fun with it and wear comfortable attire!

Places to Play Golf in Your Area

Places to Play Golf in Your Area

There are many places to go golfing in Northern Ireland. For starters, you can play at the Royal County Down Golf Club in Newcastle. This is a challenging course that’s full of water hazards and bunkers. Families with children will also enjoy playing at the Royal County Down since it has an 18-hole kids’ course. For those who are looking for something less challenging, play at Lough Neagh Coastal Golf Course in Belfast. Or if 15 holes is more your speed, then try Royal Portrush Golf Club near Portrush.


We’ve given you some tips on how to improve your golf game, but there are many other factors that can affect the outcome of a shot. If you want to hit it straight every time, then consider things like wind direction and speed and the temperature and humidity levels when playing.